Cruisin' The Loop Aboard Kibon
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Saturday, July 13, 2002
That big Muskie is still hiding under the lilly pads because dawn found his cove mist-covered and unruffled... too smooth a surface to upset with a cast. This kind of view is typical of the lakes and streams here when the cool morning air mixes with the warm water below. The mist hovers for a while... and you hold your breath as it slowly melts away. Another day begins.
We up-anchored -- what a great thing to be able to say -- pushed a button and up it came! It works, finally! -- and moved on toward another adventure, the Big Chute. This is where you drive your boat into a huge railway contraption which hoists you into slings and carries you (and numerous other boats) over the mountain, down the hill and into the water below. The drop is too big and too rocky for a normal lock, so the Chute is the answer! We docked for a while and watched the operation before jumping in. Maybe these photos will tell the tale:

After the Chute it's just a few short turns of the rudder and you're in Severn, Ontario, the end of the Trent Severn Waterway, and the beginning of Georgian Bay. The waterway is 386 kilometers in all and we've enjoyed every meter of it.

Tonight, we've had another great dinner at Myrtha and Ants house in Midland, played snooker and darts with their neighbors George and Lee and said final goodbyes to Marj and Gene... George gave us a lot of tips on how to avoid the rocks and where are the best anchorages between here and Kilarney. Kibon is at the Midland Harbour Dock ready to jump off into Georgian Bay in the morning and we'll be somewhere in the thirty thousand islands by evening. What a life!
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