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Tuesday, July 2, 2002:

Finished off a restful weekend at Peterborough with a shopping trip into the surrounding four or five blocks... Peterborough is a consolidated town of 60,000 which is centered near the waterfront, a real treat to walking boat people. We had had a problem with the computer (Windows 98 decided to crash, wipe out all settings, then reinstall itself in a much earlier, degraded version, thereby losing the cipher info necessary to access banks and credit cards... and what's a trip like this without a credit card???). So off we go to the local computer maven for a quick fix. We'll see, as we go on with these reports, just how well our maven did her job.

We finally fueled and departed Peterborough Marina, lifted through one small lock and there, around the first corner of the canal, was what we all had been waiting to see from the start... the famous Peterborough Lift Lock. Two huge bathtubs that counterbalance each other and raise and lower a bunch of boats all at once. What a sight! What a trip!
The day was a scorcher... we thought we came to Canada for the cool summer breezes. Today, no cool; no breeze. We went the few more miles to Lakefield and tied up the the municipal dock where we debated going out to dinner, chose chicken and spaghetti aboard instead and collapsed for the night.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002:

You may have noticed that several days occasionally elapse between these entries. We are getting so far out into the wonderful wilderness that cell phone towers are scare indeed. (There are many on Long Island who would die for this problem...) And since shifting to Verizon's "All Canada" service -- in order to get any service at all -- we are limited to weekends only for almost "free" time on line. Communications was an issue we tried to tackle before leaving and, due mostly to cost, settled for cell phone. It's an "okay" system but far from perfect. We'll bear with it if you will.

Also, it seems that when Windows decided to crash it reset our web site hit counter back to zero. This is just a minor technical glitch to some, but we like to have an idea of just how many of our friends are looking in as we proceed with this tome. Last we remember, the count was about 420... so, if it's of any importance to you, just add that number to whatever shows up until we can get our server to update it.

Will wonders never cease! Pearce finally caught a real fish. A wall-eyed pike, no less! Of course, we ate it for dinner... Now where is that trophy Muskellunge?

(Tech-note,,, the hit counter seems to have fixed itself... ain't that wonderful!)  
Today we traveled through some of the most beautiful country imaginable -- The Kawartha Lakes district. A series of lakes and rocky islands with very narrow, twisting passages between them, hundreds of tiny coves ringed with pines and balsams that smelled like fresh-cut Christmas trees. Gorgeous is too mild a word to describe it all.
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