Cruisin' The Loop Aboard Kibon
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January 5, 2002... Kay and Pearce had already decided to do the loop when they went to the New York Boat Show and found the boat to do it in. The new Silverton 38' Convertible just "jumped  out and grabbed us." It only took a bit of creative financing and the persuasion of a super salesman to make the dive. Another visit to the Miami Boat Show convinced us... To paraphrase Ron and Eva, "Honey, we've bought the boat, Now LET'S GO!"

Friday, 3/8/02... Just got a call from  Steve Karp at Staten Island Boat Sales. New Kibon is under construction... We're going to Millville, New Jersey April 12th to see Silverton put on the final touches. Hopefully we'll be able to move aboard by mid May when our house closing is scheduled. If not, we'll be camping out in Steve's office in Freeport. Hope there's room on his couch. Here's a photo of Steve just after we signed up at the New York Boat Show: 

Staten Island Boats Sales is a unique outfit -- in my opinion. One doesn't often see a company in the business of selling boats that takes even more interest in its customers after the sale as before it. Steve Karp is a unique salesman; and a very successful one. In fact, he has been Silverton's  "Salesman of the Year", with an office full of plaques to prove it. Kay and I have already been to one all-day seminar for new owners at SIBS where the staff presented a huge amount of information about big-boat care and feeding, gave us a loose leaf book packed with dos and don'ts and fed us all lunch as part of the package. 
Two more sessions are scheduled aboard our individual boats before they let us loose. Maybe I'll finally find out what those big diesels are all about.

It's Pronounced "Key-bone"

We've been asked how Kibon got her name... this boat is actually the third, all named for a Brazilian ice cream cone. The "Kibon" company was started in 1941; originally it was a few hand carts pushed through the streets of Rio by vendors shouting "Ki-bon... KI-BON." The word is fractured Portuguese that means "MMMmmnn-good"... something like "Good Humor" here. Click on the Kibon logo for more...
Friday, April 12: We had a great day at the plant. One word sums it up... Impressive. We were a group of four new owners with spouses and friends who were treated to the full tour. Just about everything that goes into a Silverton is build in-house. The house itself is divided into four main sections -- each one a separate factory in itself. We saw the pre-assembly areas -- forming and welding railings, cutting and finishing all interior woodwork, stringers, bulkheads, etc. The fiberglass area where the hulls and decks are laid up. The finish and inspection area where everything starts to shine. And the final assembly plant where it all comes together! Along the way we also looked in on the design and engineering department where the brains hang out. It was quite a tour. Thanks, Silverton!
Saturday, April 27 - Saturday May 4: Pearce drove to Florida, said farewell to our tenant, rendezvoused with the movers, moved into the condo in Boynton Beach, wrapped up the car and flew back to New York to GREAT NEWS! Kibon has arrived in Staten Island! On her own bottom. She floats!
On Sunday, May 5, we spent most of the day aboard Kibon, measuring and trying out all the spaces to see what will fit and what not. A major item that has to be determined exactly is how high is she -- we have a 19' fixed bridge to get under during the loop. We measured as best as we could and got a total height of 20 feet to the top of the anchor light! Obviously something has to change in this department! It'll get solved somehow, we're sure.
Saturday,May 11. Sea trials...
Everything works!
Short fix list.
Closing Tuesday!
Wednesday, May 15: Closed yesterday... we own it now! Final sea trials tomorrow in Staten Island. I'm assured she will get under that 19' bridge on the Illinois River. It looks like Kibon will be at Narrasketuck Yacht Club for the opening ceremony this Sunday. Now we can start loading what little is left of the house... part has already gone to Florida, most of rest is in storage and Kay is planning a whopper of a yard sale Memorial Day weekend to get rid of what little is left over.
Friday May 17: SIBS' Capt Jim delivered Kibon to Narrasketuck Yacht Club this afternoon just in time for club opening tomorrow. Break out the Champaign! A toast first, then start loading.
Glitches cured... Yard Sale successful... House closing 6/12/02... Boat loaded and moved into. Departing with the morning tide on Friday, June 14.
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