Cruisin' The Loop Aboard Kibon
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Monday, July 14.  The river finally quieted down last night, and we had a peaceful sleep.  A sailboat came in just before dusk, and by the time we woke up it was gone.  We headed toward the Point Pleasant Canal and cruised through it against the current.  The traffic was slow.  We met one cruiser going south, and we caught up to one sailboat.  It was nice, especially after the fury of the weekend.  We headed toward Manasquan Inlet.  Pearce had spotted a place in the Boat US book that offered a discount.  We found it right across from the Coast Guard Station in the midst of the fishing fleet.  If we had not already given the location to Jon, Kay would have refused to stay there.  We are parked between the draggers and the local bait processing plant... interesting to watch the action.

Jon arrived at noon and immediately commented on the ambiance.  He & Pearce rigged a gangplank to get Kay off the boat.  There is a 4 foot tide here, and the docks are not floating.  Aside from the leap of a few feet from boat to pier, Kibon's railing was also several feet below the pier.  We all made it ashore and headed to the Broadway Cafe for lunch -- locally recommended.  We walked along the beach and boardwalk on Point Pleasant, and then Kay went shopping until the tide came up.  We have fresh yellow-fin tuna and steamers for dinner tonight.  Early to bed because an early leave is planned.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2003.  We woke up a bit earlier than expected.  The crews from the fishing fleet weren't noisy, but their voices as they prepared to cast off were enough to break through our sleep.  Kay grunted and rolled over, Pearce lay awake going over the navigation in his mind, and Jon gave up and went ashore.  He said the crews of the boats didn't waste any words or motions.  They put the boats together, cast off their lines, and headed out to sea.  The full moon was two nights ago, so there was a lot of light to see by.  We all had had our first cup of coffee, some cereal, and some toast by 6:30.  At 6:45 the lines were pulled in, and Kibon headed toward Manasquan Inlet which was just a few hundred yards away.  The tide was coming in, but there was no wind, and the Inlet was calm.  The Ocean was flat as a plate of Jell-O, and the crossing to Jones Inlet was not only uneventful, but it was a quick ride.  We were passing Atlantic Highlands by nine o'clock, and we came in Jones Inlet before noon.  Jon had come along not only because he wanted the ride, but also to help Pearce if he needed a relief from driving.  Crossing big bodies of water sends Kay to the lowest level of the boat where she looses herself in a novel.  The trip was so quiet that Jon even went below to catch up on some sleep.

 The trip along the inside of the barrier island needed some careful watching and maneuvering.  The upper bridge depth sounder had malfunctioned while we were crossing Barnegat Bay, and traveling through Great South Bay is as interesting as traveling up the ICW in New Jersey.  Even though this is our home water, currents change the bottom, and an eye on the depth sounder is a requirement for safe passage.  Jon stationed himself on the foredeck so that he could watch the depth sounder at the lower helm and could call up to Pearce when the bottom of the Bay came too close to the bottom of Kibon.

Pearce declared the Loop closed as he came through Jones Inlet at 11:36 am.  Kay thought the Loop was closed as Kibon passed Brooklyn because that's where we crossed our path of June 14, 2002.  Nevertheless, Kibon returned to her home at 1:45 pm.  We have Closed The Loop. Kibon is resting at her northern home dock and the "crew" is taking a well deserved rest!

There will surely be more cruises ahead for us, but for the moment, this one is over. We've seen a lot of miles go under our keel and posted a lot of pages to this web. We hope that you who have shared your time with us have enjoyed every moment as much as we have. Thanks for looking in.  Pearce & Kay
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