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In  2003, Pearce & Kay Baker completed a 6500 nautical mile circular trip around the eastern half of the US, and received the coveted BaccaLOOPerate Degree from America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association. Our cruises continued, and we logged almost 10,000 miles. We became "snowbirds" wintering in Florida and summering in Long Island. Our interests had changed a bit; Kay learned to golf and Pearce created some fantastic oil paintings.

Along the way, we've lost two of our crew. Our son Jon and Kay's mom will live on in our memories... to them we dedicate this web.

Sadly, I lost Pearce two years ago. My boating has changed a bit. I guess I am now the captain. Please look in the index to follow my latest adventures.

 See Pearce's Art: Click Here


I hope you will look in from time to time as I post progress reports. 
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